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「The Forum for Advanced Electron Microscopy」

The Forum for Advanced Electron Microscopy

We respond to the wide variety of needs of a diverse range of users including private companies, through ultra-high voltage electron microscopes and a broad array of other state-of-the-art observation and analysis equipment.
This is a forum for promoting academia-industry-government interaction and collaboration in fields such as nanotech/materials, life science, information science, and energy/environment using ultra-high voltage electron microscopes and other equipment.

Members receive the following privileges:

  1. Information services:
    Electron microscope related news, introductions to technologies/products, research reports
  2. Consulting:
    Consultation on technology relating to electron microscopes, referrals to researchers/technicians, etc.
  3. Education/Training support:
    Electron microscope related training, simulators, analysis software, etc.
  4. Research/Technology support:
    Use availability and guidance on electron microscopes and other types of equipment

Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities!

The Forum for Advanced Electron Microscopy

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