About URC


村上 恭和

The Director of The Ultramicroscopy Research Center
Department of Applied Quantum Physics and
Nuclear Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Distinguished Prof. YASUKAZU MURAKAMI

The Ultramicroscopy Research Center was found in Kyushu University as Research Laboratory for High Voltage Electron Microscopy in 1975, and then has been being utilized by a lot of researchers as share-use facilities to promote microscopy sciences in various fields. The center now houses a variety of advanced electron microscopes and related devices, such as a high voltage electron microscope (HVEM) equipped with an in-column omega-type energy filter mainly for observation of thick bulky samples (on the order of micrometer), aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopes (STEM) for atomic resolution observation and analysis, a low voltage scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with a superconducting TES microcalorimeter for superior energy-resolution XEDS element identification, a holography TEM with double biprism for precise electromagnetic field analysis, a serial sectioning FIB-SEM for 3D structural analysis, and so on. All the instruments are opened to share-use by any researchers around the world who are involved in microscopic studies and analyses. Please join us and enjoy your researches at our unique facilities.